Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn fertilizing it is an important step for your grass health. Furthermore the lawn growth depends on nutrients or essential elements absorbed by roots from the soil. When natural soil processes do not provide adequate supplies, fertilizer can be applied to maintain optimum turf-grass growth.


When you buy fertilizer, you’ll see three numbers on the label. These numbers show the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium (from left to right), which are the primary nutrients needed to feed your lawn.
The percentage you will use is closed related with your soil chemistry.

If you have a chance go and perform a soil analysis.

On my lawn I am using Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food 30-0-3 with 2% Iron OR Scotts® Turf Builder® Green MaxTM Lawn Food 27-0-2 with 5% Iron.
lawn fertilizer

When to apply

For best results apply the fertilizer four times on year (time line related to Montreal, Quebec, Canada):
• Spring (Middle May)
• Early summer (Beginning July)
• Late summer (Middle August)
• Fall (Beginning October)

How to apply

Best if you will use a Broadcast / Rotary Spreader with edge guard for fast and accurate coverage.
I have a Scott Mini Broadcast Spreader with Edgeguard Technology.
lawn fertilizer
Setup the spread amount in concordance with the fertilizer specifications.
For accurate application walk at constant speed (not too fast and not too slow) slightly overlapping each pass. Line up each pass approximately 1.5 m (5 feet) from wheel track.

DO NOT APPLY WHEN EXCESSIVE WET CONDITIONS CAN OCCUR (before rain or right after) to assure a slower distribution in the soil.

Now just fill your spreader with fertilizer and cover all your lawn surface.


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