Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is also a very important process for your grass health.

SET YOUR MOWER HEIGHT CUTTING ACCORDING WITH YOUR TYPE OF GRASS (I am referring here to a grass with normal cutting height of 2.5 – 3 inches).
The first few Lawn mowing procedures should be done with your mower set on a lower height 1.5 inches.
This allows sun, water, and nutrients to get to the base of your grass to help it get started. Raise your mower height every 1 week until you reach the MAXIMUM HEIGHT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR GRASS TYPE. This height will help to protect the root system from the sun and retain moisture over the hotter days in summer.
lawn mowing

Mulch clippings back into the lawn.

Clippings don’t contribute to thatch accumulation when the lawn is mowed regularly. However, if you’re recovering from disease or doing the final cut of the season, bag clippings instead.

HOW OFTEN you need to mow is determined by how fast your lawn grows.

You want to remove 1/3 of the leaf blade or less, any more than that and it will shock your grass. It’s also easier on your lawn to mow it in the evening, when the sun is not beating down on it.

Do not perform a lawn mowing when the grass is wet.

When the lawn is wet will be difficult to have a clean cut. The cut at the top edge of the grass has to be nice (not rip). A rip cut will make your lawn more susceptible to disease and may cause it to turn brown-yellow.

In the late FALL make your last cut shorter

When the lawn stop to growth, cut at 1.5 inches high to remove summer build up. Use the mower with Bag and compost the clippings for this last mowing procedure.


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