Lawn Overseeding

Lawn Overseeding is an important step to do each year in SPRING or FALL for a lush, healthy, weed-free lawn.
As your lawn ages it becomes tired and grass reproduction rates slow down. Nobody likes the look of unhealthy areas in their lawn, but more than not looking good, these areas make it easier for weeds to take over. Spread grass seed over your entire lawn at the recommended rate once you finalized the THIRD STEP in your Lawn Care SPRING Tips. Be aware to cut the lawn shorter BEFORE overseeding and bag the clippings. New grass will pop up and fill in those unhealthy spots and contribute to your beautiful outside.

When to Overseed

If you are leaving in north regions than do it in FALL or SPRING when air temperature passing 16C – 20C in the day. Fall will be first choice because the soil it is still warm and the air gets cooler. Also will be fewer weeds for new grass to compete against and the diseases that attack seedlings are less active.
The second best choice it is in the SPRING.
Do not forget to wait for the outside temperature to reach over 16 – 20C in the day.

Select the right product (seeds)

Inspect and find out what type of grass you already have as part of the lawn. Buy the closest type of seeds as possible.
Lawns can be categorized in TWO big grass types:
• Warm season grasses
• Cool season grasses
To take the best possible care of you lawn it is VERY IMPORTANT to know your grass type you have.
If not sure take some pictures and grass samples and go to your closest gardening center. The people there will help you choose the right seeds for your lawn.
On my lawn I am using Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed Heat and Drought Mix (3-1-0) OR Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed High Traffic Mix (3-1-0).

Prepare the soil before

If you are using a special product for OVERSEEDING than you are done. ONLY be aware to cut the lawn shorter BEFORE overseeding and bag the clippings.
If you are using grass seed will be good to spread some enriched soil before. This will help the seeds to settle in. Do not use to much soil because can kill existing grass. Go less that 1/4 inch to be safe.

Spread the seed

Best if you will use a Broadcast / Rotary Spreader with edge guard for fast and accurate coverage.
I have a Scott Mini Broadcast Spreader with Edgeguard Technology.
lawn overseeding

Water the seeds

After you finish the seeds spreading, no matter which type of seeds you used, be sure to keep the soil moist all the time by lightly watering once or twice a day until the new grass will reach the height of the rest of your lawn.
If you have a water schedule imposed by local authorities try to comply with it also.


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