Water Filtration System

Why to add a water filtration system to your home?

Hi there, I AM NOT a specialist in the Water Filtration System equipment, but I can tell you about my experience related with my EAGLE Water Filtration System and hope to be a help in your future decisions regarding this mater.

I am using an EAGLE Platinum line – Whole House filtration system combined with an EAGLE Cabinet RO-003 (Reverse Osmosis) system for drinking water.

EAGLE Platinum line – Whole House filtration system
Household Water Filtration System
EAGLE Cabinet RO-003 (Reverse Osmosis)
Household Water Filtration System

I have the Water Filtration System in place for more that 3 YEARS for now.

The benefits of filtering your own water at home are immense from a health point of view and an economic perspective also.
Water Filtration System

The EAGLE Platinum line – Whole-House Water Filtration System

Therefore you will see and feel immediately the difference a water conditioner makes to the quality of your water and the quality of your life.
Most of all Soft, Clean Truly Refined Water is what we are speaking about.
• In addition I have a central heating system and there are 2.5 years since last change of the humidifier filter. Still looking as brand new.
• Another plus is the glass shower cabinet witch has no calcium drops on it anymore when the water dries out.
• Shower heads and faucets will no longer have calcium deposits. Your shower head will never ever be clogged again.
• Also the same for the cars and anything else washed with water.
• Furthermore the water heating system, the washer and the dryer lasts 50% longer and WILL NEVER EVER have calcium deposits on the heating elements.

The EAGLE Cabinet RO-003 (Reverse Osmosis) Water Filtration System for drinking water

Get your water with no bad taste, smells, salts and impurities. The Reverse Osmosis process purifies water at the molecular level and it is a big step above filters of any type.
You don’t have to ration water anymore. Go fill the pot and use it for cooking, drinking, TEA or COFFEE. Your foods will really taste and look better. By removing those excess salts and foreign tastes you’ll rediscover the deliciousness of cooked vegetables. Also they will remain tender because no chlorides present in water anymore. The coffee and tea will taste great. Your friends will be amazed and ask you “what brand of tea or coffee is this?”. I am answering them: “the secret lies in the water”.

How is the Reverse Osmosis working?

By squeezing ordinary tap water (using your house water pressure) against a special membrane, pure water molecules are separated from impurities. What’s even more impressive is that these rejected impurities are automatically rinsed down the drain.
The water it is purified in a 5 step filtration process:
• Sediment filter: Sand, sediment, silt.
• Pre-carbon filter: Insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine.
• Pre 0. 5 micron filter: Dirt, rust, turbidity.
• RO membrane: Inorganic minerals, nitrates, arsenic, barium, copper.
• Post carbon filter: Final polish.

Give it approximately 3 months and definitely you will love your “new life improvement” system.

If you are living in CANADA CLICK HERE for an EAGLE FREE water quality evaluation OR
you can search for equivalent systems over the internet.

If you leave outside Canada search on internet for what is available in your area.


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