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Beneficial nematodes are an all-natural, chemical-free alternative to insecticides for lawn grub control! They are a naturally occurring microscopic worm found around the globe in soils. Nematodes hunt and feed on soil dwelling insects by entering their body, injecting them with lethal bacteria, and feeding from their insides. The toxin usually kills the host insect within a day or two. To complete the life-cycle, they also lay their offspring in the dead grub (or other pest).

When buy beneficial nematodes be SURE they are stored in a COOL place 6 – 10 C (coolers).


Do not use nematodes that are past their expiration date.
You can apply them using a watering can, sprayer and hose attachment or misting system. It’s a good idea to apply your nematodes during low light periods (morning or evening are best).
It is very important that you mix and apply your nematodes quickly so they don’t ‘expire’ in the can. You want to insure the nematodes have a chance to get into the soil before the water is evaporated. If possible, you should water your lawn or apply after a light rain for best penetration.

Using a hose end sprayer applicator will be applying nematodes very easy, just mix a concentration, fill your applicator and spray out nematodes until the jar is empty. Refill applicator until all your concentrated nematode solution has been applied. If you have an applicator which refills your jar as you spray mix a tea bag in with your nematode concentration. This will turn your concentration a tea color and when the concentration is diluted clear you know you’ve run out of nematodes.

When to apply:

For best results on lawn grub control procedure, apply a minimum of twice per year in the spring and later in the fall when soil temperature is above 10°C for faster, longer grub control.
Beneficial nematodes control lawn grubs, and over 250 pest larvae while being 100% safe for children, pets, birds, fish, plants, and earthworms.

How to Apply:

Water area to be treated
Mix nematodes with water and apply using hose end sprayer or pump sprayer
Nematodes can withstand up to 300 psi
Water well into soil
Keep soil wet for a minimum of 3 days

How much do I need?

10 million treats 185.8 sq. m (2,000 sq. ft.)
25 million treats 464.5 sq. m (5,000 sq. ft.)
50 million treats 929 sq. m (10,000 sq. ft.)
100 million treats 1,858.1 sq. m (20,000 sq. ft.)

Depend of how big the infestation is on your lawn you will need to apply the treatment for lawn grub control once OR two by year.

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