Husqvarna st224

Husqvarna ST224 was designed with home usage in mind. If you have a four car driveway or a long pathway, this is your solution for snow removal.
It is easy to use in all snow conditions from 6 to 18 inches. Husqvarna ST 224 has a very efficient two-stage system.

In the video below I present Husqvarna ST224 ON ACTION cleaning my driveway after a 45cm (18 inch) snowstorm.

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The paint and other parts protection are nicely done. A really appealing finish.

The images presented below are from my 3 years old Husqvarna ST224.

Of course the maintenance of the machine it is a very important step to keep your investment in perfect conditions.
husqvarna st224
The storage has also a big importance. Poor storage can degrade the look and functionality of Husqvarna blower.
husqvarna st224

TWO-stage system

Snow is delivered to housing by an ribbon auger and after blow out through the chute by an impeller fan.
husqvarna st224

Handle height adjustment

Has adjustable handle height for improved ergonomics.
husqvarna st224

Friction disc transmission

Allow to easy speed changes depending on snow conditions.
husqvarna st224

Ribbon auger

The ribbon auger add air into the snow resulting in easy to handle snow debit and thereby ensures a very good cleaning.
husqvarna st224

Electric starter

Connect to an electric outlet and start the engine by s button press.
husqvarna st224

Handy starter

When the engine is over 5Celsius (41F) it is easy to start using the starter handle.
husqvarna st224

Throtle control

The engine can be idle down when not cleaning.
husqvarna st224

Led Headlight/s

Has LED Headlight/s to operate whit precision even under dark.
husqvarna st224

Heated handle grips

When temperature is going down under -10 Celsius (14 F) the heated grips fill as an amazing addition.
husqvarna st224

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